Puerto Santa Ana and its pulsating rhythm in Guayaquil.
Puerto Santa Ana and its pulsating rhythm in Guayaquil.

Puerto Santa Ana and its pulsating rhythm. A gastronomic combination in the fresh air.

A night view of Puerto Santa Ana.

Words: Patricio Añazco / Photos: Jairo Cabrera.

Located beneath the slopes of the Santa Ana hill, the vibrant Puerto Santa Ana has become an exciting destination in the city since it opened in 2007. This young combination of open-air restaurants along the river below the buildings has become a local option with a diverse range of local and international cuisine and a wide selection of drinks.

But the place is not just about food and drink. The complex consists of several office, commercial and residential buildings, as well as squares, museums and a promenade along the Guayas River, built on the site of a brewery and other factories that have been preserved in their original form. Plaza Pilsener is a lively place where cultural events take place and where several museums are located, including the Julio Jaramillo Laurido Folk Music Museum, the Astillero teams – local and national celebrities: Barcelona and Emelec – and the Beer Museum.

Monuments in Puerto Santa Ana.

  • Santiago Apostle, patron saint of Guayaquil.
  • Mahatma Gandhi.​
  • Galo Plaza Lasso – former president of the republic, great-great-grandson of Bernardo Plaza de la Tejada, a Guayaquilean hero of the 9th of October.
  • Sir Frederick Ashton Fulcher.
  • Julio Jaramillo.
  • Carlos Rubira Infante.
  • Enrique Baquerizo Moreno

A place where you can get to know the history of the city and modern Guayaquil at the same time, in a cosy atmosphere and with spectacular views of the river.

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