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Flights and accommodation in Ecuador

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Flights and accommodation in Ecuador.


the Pearl of the Pacific


An important metropolis as the financial centre of Ecuador. The city has won several World Travel Awards as the best business destination in South America. It connects Ecuador with destinations such as Taiwan and North America via the Guayas River. It is also a starting point to the Galapagos Islands.


Capital of History.


When you talk about the capital of Ecuadorians, you are talking about half the world. The city’s historic centre has been recognised by UNESCO as the best preserved in Latin America. A place where you can relive the historical past and where buildings like the church of Compañia de Jesus are still preserved, impressing the visitor with its golden borders, just like in 1605.



The Ecuadorian coast has various attractions, such as its beaches, the sun route. Destinations of: Surfing, birds, whales, mangroves and forests. There are also places that preserve their ancient traditions, such as Zaruma on the south coast of the country.



Ecuador is a country of volcanoes, which is why one of the most visited areas of the country is called the Avenue of the Volcanoes. A unique route that passes through some of the country’s more than 40 volcanoes crossed by this large mountain range.



On the way east, the villages and towns disappear while the colour green predominates and increases. Puyo, Tena, Macas are some of the capitals of the Amazon provinces, full of riches and secrets. Trees, mammals, birds, fish, many endemic species.

Galápagos hotel y vuelo



It is said that you have to ask nature for permission to enter the Galapagos Islands. The archipelago, described in detail by Charles Darwin in his famous diary The Beagle’s Voyage (1839), is the most famous place in Ecuador thanks to its unsurpassable fauna and flora. You only have to walk around the islands to understand how the natural beauty of this place inspired the British naturalist. In Turtle Bay, marine iguanas inhabit the same space as giant tortoises. On Floreana Island you can see sea lions and birds such as the blue-footed booby, which are symbols of the archipelago. About 97% of the archipelago is preserved. The trip is a journey through time, from biology books and the 19th century to the present day, where balance and sustainability are important.

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