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Clima de Ecuador Vista a la Amazonía ecuatoriana.</p> <p>The only predictable thing about Ecuador's climate is its unpredictability, and it is not

The history of Guayaquil goes back to its first foundation on 14 August 1534, after several migratory foundations on Cerro Santa Ana.

Covid-19 in Ecuador <img src="" title="" alt="Covid en Ecuador" loading="lazy" /> For up-to-date COVID-19 risk information for Ecuador, visit the <a href=""><b>TravelHealthPro</b></a>

The Ozogoche lake complex in Sangay National Park is considered one of the most important bird sanctuaries in Latin America.

Playa Paraíso, in General Villamil, Playas, is a cosy lodge of peace and tranquillity on the Ecuadorian coast.

The Nahím Isaías Museum offers an insight into the history of Guayaquil. It contains around 2,500 pieces.

Guayaquil Airport. Guayaquil Airport. Words: Patricio Añazco / Photos: Guayaquil Airport. Guayaquil, Ecuador’s second largest city, has a national and international airport

All travellers, tourists or visitors wishing to enter Ecuador should note the entry requirements below.

La Rotonda brings to life the meeting between Bolívar and San Martín. A historic moment engraved in this iconic monument of the city.

Museum of Anthropology and Contemporary Art - MAAC, holds transcendental archaeological research of Ecuador.

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