Guayaquil Tourist Map: digital, interactive and sustainable.
Guayaquil Tourist Map: digital, interactive and sustainable.

Guayaquil Tourist Map: digital, interactive and sustainable.

Explore Guayaquil with our digital, interactive and sustainable tourist map. It includes information about the city’s tourist attractions, streets, geolocation offline and online, for eco-travellers.


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Guayaquil Tourist Map: digital, interactive and sustainable.

Self-guided walking tour of Guayaquil’s landmarks.

About Guayaquil Tourist Map.

It is estimated that around 60,000 sheets of paper are used each year for tourist maps of Guayaquil. Between private and municipal companies in the city. This single-use paper.

It is estimated that the production of this tourist map would result in an environmental impact in terms of wood used: 28.8 trees. Water used: 12,000 litres. Energy used: 24 GJ and CO2 emissions: 1,680 kg of CO2.

We offer a tourist map of Guayaquil: digital, interactive and sustainable at an affordable price, allowing our visitors to explore and get to know our beloved city. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Guayaquil Tourist Map.

Discover the beauty of Guayaquil with our tourist map, designed for visitors, tourists, hikers, lovers of museums, churches, parks and squares. Our map is detailed with street names and the main tourist attractions the city has to offer.

Our tourist map of Guayaquil is integrated by some of the most important and emblematic places of Guayaquil. Some of them are: Malecón 2000, Torre Morísca, Hemiciclo de la Rotonda, Las Peñas and Puerto Santa Ana. Also included are museums, parks, squares, houses and buildings that have served the city and are still preserved.

You can view the tourist map of Guayaquil on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. See where you are and navigate. You have the option of viewing the map in real time or downloading it and using it on your mobile device without the need for internet, with the certainty that the map will always be available to access geolocation and navigation and get to the place you want to visit.

Details Guayaquil Tourist Map: digital, interactive and sustainable.
Cancellation policy:

The price of this interactive map, both online and offline, is so low that there is no cancellation policy.

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It is recommended to wear light clothing and comfortable shoes, a hat or cap. Also bring sunscreen and water. You should bring cash and some form of identification (passport is not necessary). If you do not have internet. You can download this map in your mobile or portable device. Once you have made your payment, you will immediately receive a confirmation email.

Conditions for participants:

This experience is suitable for everyone. You can visit any place that is marked on the map. Dates and times are flexible. And you can do it at the time of your choice. It is only recommended to check the opening times of the museums.

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