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4 regions

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Discover each one of the four wonderful and unlimited regions of biodiversity and culture.


Dive with penguins, marvel at metre-long iguanas, come face to face with giant tortoises and see the islands where life evolved as Charles Darwin described in his books.


Walk along long stretches of beach and gigantic mangrove swamps where the Chongon-Colonche mountain range caresses the Pacific Ocean. An ideal region for hiking, paragliding and surfing.


Travel along the great avenue of volcanoes, staying overnight in peaceful villages along the way. Where picturesque streets link ancient colonial centres.


Stay in a jungle lodge, raft down rivers, explore a land full of biodiversity, spot caimans, howler monkeys in the Ecuadorian zone of the Amazon basin.

Top experiences

Top experiences

Discover the places that make this country in the middle of the world unique.

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