The enchantment of Seminario or iguana park.
The enchantment of Seminario or iguana park.

The Seminario or Iguana Park is a charming place of biodiversity and history located in downtown Guayaquil.

Words: Patricio Añazco / Photos: Jairo Cabrera.

This park has different names. Iguana Park, due to the reptiles that live there. The name Parque Seminario is in memory of the person who donated the land for the current park, and Parque Bolivar is because of the monument in the centre of the park with the liberator’s figure. This is one of the oldest and most important parks in Guayaquil and also the one that has the most names in the city and is well known.

The park is located in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral, between the streets Chile, 10 de Agosto, Chimborazo and Clemente Ballén. The park was placed in the city in the XVIII century, a place that was already occupied by the Plaza de Armas since 1693 when the town council moved to the New City.

Iguana caught on camera in the Iguana Park or Seminario Park.

History of the Seminario or Iguana Park.

Seminario Park, Guayaquil 1910 – 1920

During the colonial period in America, most of the cities in the region had a Plaza de Armas (Arms Square). Later it was called: Plaza de La Estrella (Start Square) due to the placement of an eight-pointed star in limestone rock that was brought from the San Eduardo hill, after the independence of 1820.

Later this park was renamed Plaza de Bolivar, because a monument was built in the middle of the square in homage to the liberator. The last name it acquired is: Parque Seminario, in memory of Miguel Suárez Seminario and his family, who built and donated to the municipality its ornaments, perimeter fences, gazebo, lagoon, benches and lanterns.

Seminario or Iguana Park, Guayaquil 1930 – 1940

Seminario or Iguana Park, Guayaquil,- 1910-1920
Seminario or Iguana Park photographed from drone


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