Guayaquil walking tour to get to know the city.
Guayaquil walking tour to get to know the city.

Guayaquil walking tour show you the city's attractions and learn about its history and culture.

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The Guayaquil walking tour is an introduction to the culture and history of the city and consists of a visit to symbolic places of the city’s natural and cultural heritage. You will learn about the events and activities that take place near the tour location, and the tour will take you to the most emblematic and valuable places in the city. All tours in Guayaquil are designed to provide the tourist with an unforgettable experience.

On the Guayaquil walking tours you will visit the Guayaquil Cathedral, the Parque de las Iguanas, the Malecón 2000, the Las Peñas neighbourhood and Puerto Santa Ana. There are also places like the handicraft market, the Torre Morisca and gastronomic places to enjoy the gastronomy of the city of Guayaquil. Walking tours allow you to get to know a lot of traditional historical and cultural sites that Guayaquil has and that are key to visit. Whether you are just looking for an excursion or you want to get to know the charm of this South Pacific city.

Vista aérea de Guayaquil.

Guayaquil walking tour.

There are two types of tours. One is a self-guided tour and the other is a guided tour with a local guide. In both cases, the tours will take you to the main tourist, cultural, historical and natural attractions of Guayaquil. You will visit: museums, parks and squares, emblematic places of the city.

We hope you enjoy your tour and stay in Guayaquil. On the river, you will be able to see the influence of various Italian artists and architects on the city during the Republican era, the golden age of the cocoa boom, as well as its transformations up to the present day.

Visit downtown Guayaquil on a walking tour

Self-guided walking tour of Guayaquil’s landmarks.

The tour begins at the Cathedral of Guayaquil. It is considered the heart of the city. In this area you will visit some of the most important and emblematic places of Guayaquil. These include the Malecón, Torre Morísca, Hemiciclo de la Rotonda, Las Peñas and Puerto Santa Ana. Museums, parks and plazas are also included. The tour is written and detailed with photos, maps and illustrations that you can access on your mobile device to guide you. It is recommended to start the tour at 09h00. However, you can do it at any time. To enjoy this tour, it is necessary to activate the GPS on your mobile device to access the geolocation and follow the tourist route.

Guayaquil sightseeing, gastronomy and handicraft market tour.

This tour of Guayaquil includes: museums, parks and squares, emblematic places of the city, a walk along the Guayaquil River Cable, a welcome cocktail in a unique resto bar in the city. Tickets and passes included. During the tour you will learn about the history of Guayaquil and the places you will visit during the tour. You will visit all the places included in the tour itinerary. This tour is the best way to get to know Guayaquil.

Bike tours of Guayaquil's natural areas.

Guayaquil cacao biking tour

Close to Guayaquil, you will experience a fascinating history, interact with the rural population, taste the flavours of the typical cuisine and learn about the daily life in the production of cocoa, better known as the Ecuadorian golden seed.


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