La Balandra Restaurant.
La Balandra Restaurant.

29 years of gastronomic heritage in Guayaquil.

Crab and rice

Texto: Jairo Cabrera / Fotos: Cortesía La Balandra

We had the pleasure to get to know the restaurant La Balandra from the hands of Wilson Andrade, its owner. This local Guayaquil gastronomy place has won fans, not only costumers, of its dishes. Many people consider La Balandra the best place to eat seafood in Guayaquil, and this is not an exaggeration. La Balandra was born in 1993 becoming one of the best seafood alternatives in the city, its years of experience between innovation and preserving very typical dishes of this city, has kept it in time.

In 2021, during Mercado del Río’s third anniversary culinary competition, the restaurant won the award for the best eatery in Mercado del Río.

How La Balandra was born?
Wilson Andrade offers in quinta street, Urdesa – northern Guayaquil. A service of great level, ingredients of very good quality, live music and warmth. This is how this place became the meeting point of great personalities of Guayaquil. It was around 17 years in this gastronomic area of the city, until its transfer to Samborondón.

Grilled prawns

The times that Guayaquil’s society is living today were not alien to them and that is why they had a renovation. They returned to the restaurant business renewed, with fresh ideas and adapting to the current market. Generating the same emotions in each dish, without leaving behind their legacy and their personalised service. On this occasion with the collaboration of their sons Wilson Andrade and Juan Luis Andrade, sons of the founder. Mercado del Rio was the right place to start again, this is a new proposal in the city of Guayaquil, present in one of the most visited tourist places in the city.

Seafood rice

Throughout the years, La Balandra has kept its motto: “Quality and tradition that lasts”. It continues to offer the same quality in seafood, both in the quality of its ingredients and in its good service.

Some of the most renowned dishes in Guayaquil’s gastronomy are: Mancuerna (crab sausage broth) $11.00 dollars. La Espuela (based on crispy patacón, ajillo sauce, crab and crab fat) $10.00, Sopa High Power or Sopa HP $20.00 (prepared with 17 kinds of seafood). La Balandra’s seafood success prompted them to create Balandra Grill offering a variety of grilled seafood preparations, authentic Risottos $10.00 (imported rice and a variety of cheeses as a base). Pastas, combining seafood and meats, such as the handmade Pangora Ravioli $13.00 to name a few from their menu. 

We can take you to see this place on our classic tour through the Guayaquil downtown area or you can visit it yourself. It is an authentic gastronomic experience that you will take away from this port city.

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La Balandra




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