Cerro Puñay tour, conquer the sky.
Cerro Puñay tour, conquer the sky.

Cerro Puñay tour, conquer the sky.

One of the most rewarding and exciting things to do in Ecuador is to climb mountains and hills. There is something magical about conquering destinations and enjoying the breathtaking nature of the inter-Andean region. Take note, plan, pack your bags and get ready to add miles to your trip and climb the Puñay Hill, located in the canton of Chunchi, 158 km from Riobamba, capital of the province of Chimborazo.

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Cerro Puñay tour, conquer the sky.
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On top of the Puñay hill:

Puñay, located in the canton of Chunchi, in the province of Chimborazo, is a solitary mountain that rises in the middle of the great valley of Piñancay. It offers brilliant sunsets, accompanied by the rays that penetrate the great coastal plain, giving it unique tones and colours. Puñay is derived from two Cañari words, Pu meaning place and Ñay birth, so the translation would be place of birth, as it is said that this mountain is the origin of the Cañari nation.


It was a religious and ceremonial centre for the Cañaris, who were apparently responsible for the construction of a pyramid, the largest and highest in the world, and the only one built on the top of a mountain, measuring 584 metres long, 73 metres wide and 50 metres high, in an area of 7.6 hectares, and composed of 31 structures, of which 3 are mounds, 1 platform, 2 access ramps and 25 terraces.

Itinerary - Cerro Puñay tour, conquer the sky:

The journey is a little tiring, but seeing the splendour of the great Puñay is a great motivation to start the climb. All the necessary equipment is prepared and the guide must lead the activity. There is an important tradition that everyone who practises mountaineering knows: the mountain is always asked for permission to start the journey to the summit. The walk along a path takes about three hours, passing through vegetation, natural viewpoints and various ancestral sites that hold surprising stories of the past.

It is important to take into account that due to the changeable weather, possibility of rain, low temperatures and wind, it is necessary to carry in your backpack: buffanda, gel or alcohol, water, comfortable clothes, jacket and warm clothes and camera to capture the best moments.

If you decide to go camping, you will also need a sleeping bag that can withstand temperatures down to zero degrees, a three-season tent, trekking poles, a headlamp, extra clothes and light food such as bread, biscuits, tuna, jam, ham, etc.

Departure to the summit is no later than 10h00 and return no later than 19h00.

Cancellation policy:

Cancellations can be made up to 6 days prior to the date selected in the system. With 100% reimbursement (excluding financial costs). Within 5 days of the tour date, no changes or cancellations can be made and 100% of the value of the tour will be charged.

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The tour starts in the morning at 09h30. It can be arranged a little later if requested by the passenger. You will need to bring cash and some form of identification (passport is not necessary). It is recommended to wear light clothes and comfortable shoes, hat or cap. Also sunscreen and water. Mask or buffanda. Gel or alcohol. Comfortable clothes. Jacket and warm clothes for the night, trekking shoes, water poncho, waterproof trousers, sun hat and wool cap. Gloves, sun block. Camera. Trekking poles. Head torch. Extra change of clothes. Sweets or bread. Medicines, if you take them. If you intend to spend the night in the mountains, you should bring: sleeping bag (support up to 0 degrees) because of the cold climate that exists in the area. A 3 season tent (if you don't have one, we can provide it for an extra charge). Once you have made your payment, you will immediately receive a confirmation email.

Conditions for participants:

Participation is open to most travellers. Not recommended for pregnant women. Not recommended for travellers with back problems. Not suitable for people with a history of heart problems or serious medical conditions.

Starting point: Cerro Puñay tour, conquer the sky.
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